Musica Italiana!

Music tastes are as diverse as the individuals in the human race!

However, what we can share here are some of the Italian music which either we or other Dream of Italy members have said they enjoy.  A number of these CD's have been playing in our shop and some of our customers comment on them and ask if they can be purchased.  So, here are some of these and others that our members enjoy.  Sample some and see if they are your taste as well! (You can listen before buying on Amazon; click through)

Here are some recommendations.

1. Chocabeck - Zucchero

When we are in the shop at the moment this album is the only one you will hear!  This is in my opinion Zucchero's best album to date.  Many of the tracks are in English, but never the less an excellent album we loved right from the first listen.  The CD comes with a full translation of all Italian songs and a little about Zucchero and his childhood memories, which is where the name of this album comes from.
Highly recommended.
Tracks include:
1. Life
2. Someone Else's Tears
3. Soldati Nella Mia Citta
4. Glory
5. Devil in My Mirror
and another 6 great tracks.
Click through to the Amazon link at left to both listen to samples of these and to purchase this album.

2. Cafe Venezia: Classic Sounds - Various Artists

This album has been playing regularly in our shop and several people have commented on it.
Tracks include:
1. Sono Piu Che Mai - Iva Zanicchi
2. Una casa Incima Vito al Mundo - Mina
3. Bambola - Patty Pravo
4. Apuntamento - Ornella Vanoni
5. Prima Cosa Bella - Nicola Di Bari
6. Modo Mio - Gianni Nazzaro
7. Impazzivo Per Te- Adriano Celentano
8. Solo Tu, Solo Io - Toto Cotugno
9.  Gloria - Franco Tozzi
and another 11 tracks.  Click through to the Amazon link at left to listen to any you wish.

 3. Fleurs 2 - Franco Battiato

This is our current favourite and it is an eclectic mix of music, all delivered by Franco Battiato in his unique style.  It includes some anglicised tracks like "It's five o'clock" (love his accent on this) and a great rendition of "Bridge over troubled water".
Tracks include:
1. Tutto l'universo obbedisce all'amore
2. Era d'estate
3. E piu ti amo
4. It's five o'clock
5. Del suo veloce volo
6. Et maintenant (great track in French)
7. Sitting on the dock of the bay
8. Il carmelo di Echt

 4. Da Questa Parte del Mare - Gianmaria Testa

Gianmaria is a unique Italina artist and I have not heard any music like his.  He has transformed himself from a station master in a small railway station in the north of Italy to a now popular musician.  His lyrics and use of rhythm and language are unique.  If you don't like this initially, just try listening a few times and it is sure to grow on you.  Gianmaria is one of my favourite Italian artists.
Tracks on this album include:
1. Seminatori di Grano (The Corn Sowers)
2. Rrock
3. Forse Qualcuno Domani (Someone Tomorrow perhaps will Neglect)
4. Una Barca Scura (A dark boat)
5. Tela di Ragno (Spider Web)
6. Il Passo E l'Incanto (the Step and the Spell)
7. 3/4
8. Al Mercato di Porta Palazzo (At Porta Palazzo Market)

5. Zucchero & Co. - Zucchero

 This album was the first Italian music album I really got into. Friends of ours also listened to it and bought the DVD and they had never heard of Zucchero before!  On this album, he combines his talents with other famous musicians such as Miles Davis, Sting, Sheryl Crow, Eric Clapton, Ronan Keating and on the last track with an amazing song with Andrea Bocelli and Luciano Pavarotti.  If you are not familiar with Zucchero and have not developed a taste for Italian music, try this one first.

Tracks include:

1. Dune Mosse - Miles Davis, Zucchero
2. Muoio Per Te - Sting, Zucchero
3. Everybody's got to Learn Sometime - Vanessa Carlton, Haylie Ecker, Zucchero
4. Mama Get Real - Mousse T. Vs Hot 'N' Juicy, Zucchero

6. Io Canto - Laura Pausini

 I came across Laura Pausini on Twitter and subsequently investigated her music and developed an instant like for it.  She has a powerful voice and belts out a pop / rock style of music that is very pleasing to listen to.  She has a versatile style that seems to adapt well to different music genres.  This album (English "I Sing") is one of those albums you will play over and over again.

Tracks include:

1. Io Canto - the title track and a "goodie"
2. Due
3. Scrivimi
4. Come il sole all 'imporovviso - one of our favourites

Click through on the Amazon link to the left to listen to samples of these and the other tracks.


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