Dream of Italy November 2014 Newsletter

Dream of Italy November 2014 Newsletter
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Alan & Kathy
It has been a while since our last newsletter!  Since we moved back to trading solely 'online' and closed our shop in Mt Eden, we have been very busy, with both of us taking up full time roles in other areas.  The decision to give up our much-loved bricks and mortar store and return to online selling was a difficult one to make, but it was the right one.  It was great to catch up with many of you at the Auckland New stock of Murano Glass Watches just in!Italian Festival, which was the largest ever and is growing to be an iconic Auckland event - a wonderful celebration of all things Italian.

We also managed to get in a trip back to our house in Italy this year and thoroughly enjoyed our time there again.  This month's story features our emotions and feelings on our return and the 'PS' below our immediate arrival experience.

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Italian Story- Ahh...!  Return to Italy

 Our 2014 trip to Italy was full of anticipation, as it always is...

There is nothing like that delicious familiarity that resonates with the soul as you touch Italian soil again.
Leonardo-da-Vinci-Fiumicino-Airport-queuesEven the hopelessly inefficient passport control process, with hundreds of foreign passengers impatiently looking for the fastest moving queue has a familiar, “Ah, I am back” feel to it.  I have come to accept that there is usually one immigration guy who is nonchalantly stamping passports without even looking at them, while the rest are laboriously researching the life history of each person and taking an age to process each exasperated traveler. The existence of a queue of several hundred grumpy tourists is of no concern to anyone in Italian immigration!  Furthermore, the ‘non EU’ passport holders look longingly across to several booths with no queues at all right next door – they look after their own!

Ah yes, Italian culture with all its quirky frustrations and yet somehow a charm that is like no other.


Recipe - Arrosticini

ArrosticiniThis month's recipe features a specialty of the region of Abruzzo, where we venture annually, and where our home-away-from-home is.

The origins of this recipe are in the very nature of life in Abruzzo for centuries, where shepherds moved their flocks between the high mountains in summer and the more temperate valleys in winter.  Arrosticini were originally (and still often are) prepared outside on a fire, and they feature in most summer and winter festivals.  A perfect barbeque dish.

Click here for the full recipe!


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Post Script   When we opened the door into our little house in Italy on our last trip, we were full of anticipation to see the work that had been done in our absence.  We had already seen our restored front doors and loved them. The beautiful rosewood and the new 'tetoia' or little roof over the door looked wonderful, together with the exposed stone wall.  As we opened the door we were impressed with the quality of the work that our 'muratore' [read 'builder'] Raffaele had done, not only with a lovely new bathroom, but completely leveling and re-tiling the uneven floor, putting a new doorway  to the 'cantina' (wine cellar carved out of the rock behind the house) and enlarging another door. These doorway changes might seem like small items, but when the walls are over a metre thick and you are responsible for propping up the house on top of you, it is a big deal!  To touch it all off, we were delighted to find a note that said that Raffaele and Franco our Project Manager had spent the day before cleaning all of the dust from the construction away for our arrival!  Wow! We felt so blessed to have such good people in our lives.

One of our friends in our village is also restoring and selling his house.  Check out details here if you are interested!

Post Post Script Another fantastic Christmas gift idea are our wooden trays from Florence. These are particularly handy for out door entertainment, which we are all looking forward to getting into a little more soon!  And don't forget our Pewter Warriors, which are a great idea for the difficult to buy for men in your life!

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