Houses in Italy

Ever dreamt about having a house in Italy that you could use as a base or sharing with friends and family?  Surprisingly a lot of people are realising  their dream (like us) and the reports back are that they love it!

From time to time we come across property that is for sale in Italy through the contacts we have there.

One that has come across our path recently is from a friend of ours, Jason, who lives in the same village as us and has the advantage of being a 'builder' as we would call it and also speaks fluent English.

Here are the details:

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Asking Price:

€40,000 (negotiable)


Prezza, Abruzzo, Italy
Where is Prezza I hear you say...  Prezza is near Sulmona in the Peligna Valley, just over two hours drive from Rome, up in the mountains.  It is a hill side town that has been inhabited since pre Roman times.  The best way to get there is by car from either Rome or Pescara, but there are also bus and train services to nearby towns and a local train service in Prezza itself.


The house is 94 square metres, has two floors, two balconies and has a private piazzeta (small courtyard).

Additional Information:

The owner, Jason, is in the process of renovating the property.  He is in the house renovation business and has been carefully restoring this property for his own use, doing things that would be unaffordable if being paid by the hour by someone to do it for them. For example, he is installing two huge entire oak beams and carefully sanding and staining these. They will look fantastic when in place.   It will be ready for the new owners to complete their finishing touches.

The house has great views over the Peligna Valley. Jason says "The property is situated in the best and most desirable historical district in Prezza, less than 1 minute walk to the village piazza (square).  The location of this property makes it a fantastic deal, especially where the most difficult work has already been taken care of."

The house also has two pieces of antique furniture which could be negotiated as part of the sale.

Prezza House View

Prezza HousePrezza House ViewLiving area 'pre-renovation'Prezza House Living Area 'pre-renovation'Prezza House BathroomPrezza House Private CourtyardPrezza House BedroomPrezza House Stairs 'pre-renovation'Prezza HousePrezza House View

Prezza House external stairs

Huge oak beam to be installed on ceiling

Oak beam being prepared for staining

Mounting for beam in wall being prepared

Mounting for beam in wall being prepared

Antique furniture (negotiable)

Antique furniture (negotiable)

Antique furniture (negotiable)The view from upstairs

Looking out the window


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